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parking lot.JPG Un-checked vegetation growth around infrastructure can cause millions of dollars in untold damage. It is also very unsightly and can diminish property values over a short period of time. EcoChem specializes in eradicating invasive and destructive vegetation where ever it is growing in an out-of-controlled manner.  We provide an initial complete sterilization of the invading plant growth and then schedule periodic inspections and further intervention as needed, as part of long term solution.  Our services are contracted and used regularly by the business and commercial sector, government sector, and the private sector; in many residential communities.  Call us today for a complete invasive vegetation solution plan of action for your home, office or government entity.    


Complete Invasive & Destructive Vegetation Solutions for:

·         Building Foundations

·         Play - Grounds

·         Parking Lots

·         Side-Walks

·         Walk Ways

·         Air Ports

·         Highways

·         Bridges







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